Open to Listen. Open to Share.




        This isn’t a mission statement so much as an open invitation. We open our doors, minds, and hearts to connect with all of our brothers and sisters in humanity. We honor our relationships as friends and neighbors, and we esteem our mutual desire for understanding, respect, and trust over hateful and divisive rhetoric and actions. 


The Hijabi Diaries works in collaboration with The Openhearted Campaign, and its founder, Anna Maidi, to tell the stories of Muslim-Americans. 


Our hope is that by telling these stories, we can inspire curiosity, empathy and understanding between members of the Muslim-American community and the greater communities in which they live. Openhearted seeks to bring us all closer together (see their mission statement at left). Likewise, we at The Hijabi Diaries believe that nothing brings people together or keeps them together like a good story.



If you wish to start a project or host an event to foster greater understanding between Muslims and the greater community where you live, Openhearted wants to support you in your efforts. Contact Openhearted via their website - click the button below to check it out.