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The Hijabi Diaries:

Muslim women,

Speaking for themselves

"The Hijabi Diaries allows listeners a window into the lives of a group of our neighbors who might otherwise remain largely in the shadows in south-central Indiana. We hear about the fears and hopes and day-to-day goings on of people whose lives don't necessarily make for flashy headlines -- but whose stories are invaluable for those of us aspiring to better understand our community. The interviews are intimate; the production is subtle; and the mission is urgently important." - Joe Crawford, news director at WFHB Community Radio in Bloomington, Indiana 


The Hijabi Diaries is muslim women speaking for themselves.

In each episode, we hear from different Muslim women currently living in the Bloomington community, each with stories to tell about work, family, faith, the way rising world-wide Islamophobic sentiment effects their lives, and much more. The Hijabi Diaries features guests who hail from around the world - from Gary, IN, to Saudi Arabia, to Indonesia - and who represent every profession and way of life. To compliment the interviews and stories provided by these women, we offer conversations and anecdotes from scholars, Indiana lawmakers, and religious leaders.


The Hijabi Diaries was created after a violent attack was made on a Muslim woman as she sat in front of her business in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. After hearing about the attack, producers Anna Maidi and Aubrey Seader knew they had to do something to stop the anti-Muslim prejudice in their community from growing.

Anna and Aubrey, along with the Islamic Center of Bloomington, created The Hijabi Diaries as a way to help the community cultivate compassion for their Muslim neighbors during a time of heightened anti-Islamic rhetoric, by giving them an opportunity to listen to and connect with, the stories of local Muslim women.


The Hijabi Diaries is a production of the Openhearted Campaign to End Islamophobia, and of WFHB Bloomington. Wes Martin, WFHB News Director, is the series executive producer. Aubrey Seader is lead producer, with Anna Maidi as co-producer. A winner of an award for Public Affairs Programing from the Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Professional Journalists, the Hijabi Diaries releases a new episode each month. 

Listen to the show live on WFHB, every other Wednesday, at 5:30pm, on WFHB Bloomington (www.wfhb.org). Download the podcast on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud, and follow us on Facebook.